Dealing With An Epileptic Dog

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Dealing With An Epileptic Dog

15 May 2017
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If you have a dog that has a seizure disorder then it is important for you to do everything that you can to prevent them from getting hurt. You want to make some changes around your house and possibly even make changes with the way that you do things with your dog so you can prevent injuries when they have a seizure. This article will give you some great tips so you can learn about some of the changes you should consider making:

Fence in your pool and in ground spa

If you have a swimming pool or in ground spa then it is extremely important for you to put a fence up around them. This way, you know that your dog won't accidentally fall in them when they are having a seizure which would be very bad and would more than likely be fatal to your dog. The fence should be tall enough to always keep your dog out of the area.

Put borders around tall areas

If you have anywhere around your house or yard where there is a drop then you should put up borders around those areas. Otherwise, your dog could end up having a seizure and fall, getting injured in the process. Since your dog will be out of their senses during the seizure, they won't have any control over how they land and this means even a relatively short fall could severely injure them.

Put cushioning on all sharp corners around your house

You really never know when or where your dog may have a seizure and they can do a good amount of moving around during a seizure. So, it's best if you make sure you put cushioning on all the sharp corners of all your furniture. This way, you know that they aren't going to get badly hurt if they slam into a corner of one of your pieces of furniture during one of their episodes.

Don't let your dog go off leash away from home

You want to make sure you keep your dog on a leash when you are away from home, such as when you are camping or hiking. Otherwise, your dog can go just a little bit away from you, have a seizure and get hurt in the process. They won't be able to come to you when you call to them, so you will need to hope to find them and hope they aren't hurt badly. Contact a business such as RxCBD for more information.