Dog Safety 101: Why To Avoid Secondhand Pet Supplies

When I took the leap of faith to get my kids their first pet, I was stunned by how difficult it was to teach them proper care techniques. I ended up enrolling them in grooming and care classes through my local pet store. While there, we learned a lot of tips and tricks for taking care of many common household pets. I knew that others could benefit from this information, so I decided to create this site to help. Whether you've had family pets for a while or you're getting ready to buy your kids their first, this site can help you be adequately prepared.

Dog Safety 101: Why To Avoid Secondhand Pet Supplies

16 May 2017
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Adopting a dog is a great way to save a life and make a best friend in one move. Unfortunately, saving money by using secondhand items for your new pet is not always a good idea. Here are some items that people are better off spending a few extra dollars on for their furry friend. 

Use Caution With Crates

Owners buy crates because they want to keep their dog safe, so avoid compromising their safety by making a bad selection. Used crates may have damaged mechanisms that prevent them from locking correctly. The previous pets might not have been properly housebroken or suffered from travel sickness while in the crate. If there are scratches or grooves, it is not always easy to clean out the bacteria and viruses left behind. Any clip on items like food or water dishes may be damaged and could pose a choking hazard if they break off during use. 

Avoid Soft Items

Plush toys, dog beds, and clothing used by other dogs may not only contain germs from dog drool but could also be a breeding ground for parasites like fleas and bed bugs. Not only will these pests bother the pet, but they could also infect the whole home. Washing in hot water or leaving the items out in cold temperatures is not always enough to kill all hitchhikers.

Purchase Toys New

Dog toys almost always spend their time in the mouth of the dog. That is their entire purpose in most cases. This makes them vulnerable to a number of diseases that are easily passed from one dog to another. Canine parvovirus, distemper, and canine hepatitis are just three of the many illnesses spread through dog saliva. Disinfecting the toys with bleach may or may not eliminate the risk. Another concern is that owners may not be aware of recalls on older toys and they may give their pet something that poses a choking hazard. 

Avoid All Consumables

Do not purchase any used edible items secondhand. There is no way to know if food and snacks in opened packages were handled or mistreated in any way. Packaged foods may have been stored improperly or expired. Even dry food in sealed bags could be a concern if the food was left in a hot and humid environment for a long period of time. 

Pet stores offer a variety of price points on all their items to make it possible for nearly everyone to find something in their budget. When shopping for dog food or dog apparel it is better to keep it safe by purchasing new. Save money by keeping an eye on sales, using coupons whenever possible, and shopping the clearance racks at the end of the season or after a holiday. For more tips, check out pet retailers like Woof n Purr Pet Boutique.