3 Ways Dogs Can Benefit From Medical Cannabis

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3 Ways Dogs Can Benefit From Medical Cannabis

12 April 2018
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Medical cannabis for pets is becoming more popular all the time. For dogs, in particular, medical cannabis can do a lot to help dogs, especially when they're stricken with certain ailments, like cancer, or when healthy dogs reach old age. If you're curious about medical cannabis for your pooch, read on to learn three ways medical cannabis is helping dogs every day.

1. Post-Surgical Pain Relief

Most dogs will go under the knife at least once in their lives, whether it's for a simple spay or neuter surgery or for a more serious reason. After surgery, dogs can experience discomfort during the healing process, as anyone would expect. Since swelling can potentially last for quite a while after surgery, your dog could be in long-term discomfort until the incision fully heals, long after their prescribed painkillers wear off.

Thankfully, cannabis can pick up the slack once painkillers are off the table. Medical cannabis is extremely helpful in reducing discomfort and pain, and the CBD chemical found in cannabis helps to reduce inflammation. This may not only help your dog to feel less pain, but it may help to speed up the healing process.

2. Appetite Stimulation

Most dogs don't need to be encouraged to eat. However, all dogs can experience life events where they don't have an appetite.

In some cases, dogs lose their appetite because they're depressed. For example, the loss of another pet could cause this problem. Alternatively, a disease could lead your dog to lose its appetite. For example, cancer and the methods of treating cancer often rob dogs of their appetites.

Just like for humans, cannabis can be very helpful for stimulating appetite. After giving your dog a dose of medical cannabis, they will likely regain their appetite and be eager to eat.

3. Joint Pain Relief

Lastly, medical cannabis can be very helpful for dogs who have joint pain. This is a common problem with older dogs, especially if your pup is one of the larger dog breeds. Seeing your dog limping or generally being less interested in physical activity can be sad for a pet owner, and your dog needs to keep moving to stay strong and healthy.

Giving your dog medical cannabis can help to get them back on their feet. Cannabis eases joint pain and inflammation.

Medical cannabis is a great way of treating a wide variety of ailments that dogs can develop. If you're curious about whether medical cannabis can help your dog, talk to a company like Ellevet Sciences.