When I took the leap of faith to get my kids their first pet, I was stunned by how difficult it was to teach them proper care techniques. I ended up enrolling them in grooming and care classes through my local pet store. While there, we learned a lot of tips and tricks for taking care of many common household pets. I knew that others could benefit from this information, so I decided to create this site to help. Whether you've had family pets for a while or you're getting ready to buy your kids their first, this site can help you be adequately prepared.

Have A New Leopard Gecko? Shedding Some Light On … Shedding

18 May 2017
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If your local petstore has leopard geckos for sale, you may be wanting to buy one for your child. These are fun little creatures that can be kept in your home and handled--gently--by children. While there is some definite prep work to be had, such as getting the right cage and adjusting to the idea of feeding them mealworms and crickets, another thing you will want to learn about is their shedding process. Read More …

Dog Safety 101: Why To Avoid Secondhand Pet Supplies

16 May 2017
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Adopting a dog is a great way to save a life and make a best friend in one move. Unfortunately, saving money by using secondhand items for your new pet is not always a good idea. Here are some items that people are better off spending a few extra dollars on for their furry friend.  Use Caution With Crates Owners buy crates because they want to keep their dog safe, so avoid compromising their safety by making a bad selection. Read More …

Dealing With An Epileptic Dog

15 May 2017
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If you have a dog that has a seizure disorder then it is important for you to do everything that you can to prevent them from getting hurt. You want to make some changes around your house and possibly even make changes with the way that you do things with your dog so you can prevent injuries when they have a seizure. This article will give you some great tips so you can learn about some of the changes you should consider making: Read More …