Top 4 Things To Look For When You Buy Dog Litter Pans Online

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Top 4 Things To Look For When You Buy Dog Litter Pans Online

19 May 2017
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Cats are not the only pets that can learn to use a litter box. Puppies do well with litter pans when they are first getting potty trained and older dogs benefit from them if their owner lives in an apartment without a yard. Of course, it's also a great idea to have a litter box available for your pooch should he need to use one while you are at work. When you're ready to buy dog litter pans online, look for the following four things. 

A High-Sided Litter Pan

Look for a litter pan that has high sides, as dogs can sometimes aim higher than the sides on a traditional box. The higher sides also provides extra protection for your flooring, as the pups will kick less litter out of the box when they scratch the litter to cover up their scat. 

Non-Stick Surface

Search the litter pans product label for the words "non-stick surface." This means that the inside of the box won't be prone to the litter caking up and adhering to the bottom and sides of the box. You'll then be able to quickly scoop out the box after your dog has gone to the bathroom. It's also beneficial to make sure that the non-stick surface has been coated with an antimicrobial solution to prevent bacteria from building up in the pan in between big cleanings. 

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you find that your days are really busy and you just don't have time to clean the litter pan every time your pet goes to the bathroom, you can look for a self-cleaning dog litter box. These pans are designed detect when your pup has relieved itself. They then automatically scoop up the mess and pull it into a container that you can empty every few days. Most models work with the litter you're already using, so there's no need to buy special litter. 

Fake Grass Litter Pan

As you're looking to buy dog litter pans online, don't forget to check out the fake grass litter boxes. These are designed to resemble your lawn to make them more attractive to your pooch. They come in large models that can be placed anywhere, as well as portable models that you can take with you on road trips. As your pet urinates on the synthetic grass mat, it seeps through to a pad that collects the urine. The mat itself can be removed and rinsed off any time, while the pads are disposable. 

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