When I took the leap of faith to get my kids their first pet, I was stunned by how difficult it was to teach them proper care techniques. I ended up enrolling them in grooming and care classes through my local pet store. While there, we learned a lot of tips and tricks for taking care of many common household pets. I knew that others could benefit from this information, so I decided to create this site to help. Whether you've had family pets for a while or you're getting ready to buy your kids their first, this site can help you be adequately prepared.

Preparing For And Keeping Your Rock Flower Anemone

5 October 2018
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Rock flower anemones are a great addition to your tank and are a good choice if you're new to anemones. These fairly small Caribbean anemones can add a bit of color to your reef tank and usually get along well with other inhabitants. However, there are some things you should know before you put your new anemone in your reef tank. Here is more information about preparing for and keeping your anemone so that it stays healthy for a long time. Read More …

3 Ways Dogs Can Benefit From Medical Cannabis

12 April 2018
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Medical cannabis for pets is becoming more popular all the time. For dogs, in particular, medical cannabis can do a lot to help dogs, especially when they're stricken with certain ailments, like cancer, or when healthy dogs reach old age. If you're curious about medical cannabis for your pooch, read on to learn three ways medical cannabis is helping dogs every day. 1. Post-Surgical Pain Relief Most dogs will go under the knife at least once in their lives, whether it's for a simple spay or neuter surgery or for a more serious reason. Read More …