Preparing For And Keeping Your Rock Flower Anemone

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Preparing For And Keeping Your Rock Flower Anemone

5 October 2018
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Rock flower anemones are a great addition to your tank and are a good choice if you're new to anemones. These fairly small Caribbean anemones can add a bit of color to your reef tank and usually get along well with other inhabitants. However, there are some things you should know before you put your new anemone in your reef tank. Here is more information about preparing for and keeping your anemone so that it stays healthy for a long time.

Make Sure Your Tank Is Well-Prepared 

While rock flower anemones are great for beginners, they're not great if you're new to aquarium keeping overall. You should be well-versed in marine reef keeping and have an established tank going before placing in an anemone. Your reef tank should have been stable for at least six months to a year before adding these animals.

Do Your Research

Rock flower anemones generally get along well with other animals. However, there are other anemones and corals which may not be accommodating. You want to make sure that all your animals will get along with each other without being nibbled on or attacked. Also, make sure you have the right temperature, lighting, and water conditions for your rock flower anemone before its introduction.

Create a Nice Space for Your Anemone

Though your rock flower anemone will move around a little, it generally likes a space with low light and with low to moderate indirect water flow. Make sure you place it in an area that is clear of any filter or pump intakes. You can place it on almost any substance, but rock is usually preferable.

Basic Care for Your Rock Flower Anemone

Rock flower anemones need little care once they are placed and established in an area that they like. Though they can go without regular feedings, they tend to stay healthier and are more likely to grow and reproduce if you feed them. Supply them with an appropriate animal protein about every week or two. Be careful when administering any type of medication or chemicals to your tank as invertebrates tend to be sensitive to these some of them.

Rock flower anemones are generally easy to care for, fairly hardy, and mostly reef safe. They can also host several kinds of small animals, making them an interesting addition to your reef tank. However, just because they're hardy doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare or care for them properly. When you're ready for your first anemone or your fiftieth, contact a reef supplier for more information on rock flower anemones and to order some for your tank.