Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Cat Fence

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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Cat Fence

14 July 2017
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If you're like most cat lovers, you want your feline friend to enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Many people believe that because cats roam by nature, they should never be confined strictly to an indoor environment. Keeping them contained in a backyard can be a difficult feat because of their jumping and climbing abilities. Fortunately, you can buy cat fences that will allow your furry friend to go outside without leaving your yard. Following are just three of the many reasons to install a cat fence:

Keep Your Cat Safe

Roaming cats face a wide variety of potential dangers. If you're like most people, you've seen more than your fair share of dead cats by the side of the road that have been hit by cars -- and this can easily happen even in areas that aren't known for having high traffic. Besides traffic, plenty of other potential hazards exist that can harm roaming cats. Your cat could fall victim to animal cruelty, for instance, or it may be harmed by urban wildlife or feral cats. Senior cats sometimes lose their sense of direction and can't find their way home easily, and animals typically lose their sense of smell when temperatures dip much below freezing. Because cats depend highly on their olfactory senses to find their way around, your cat could become lost during a cold snap. Roaming cats also run the risk of ending up in shelters, and sometimes, well-meaning friendly strangers decide to take them in. 

Keep Stray Cats and Urban Wildlife Out 

A cat fence will also keep stray cats from invading your cat's territory. Stray cats often bring diseases and insect pests such as fleas and ticks with them, and they may attack your feline friend. Urban wildlife such as raccoons and coyotes pose potential dangers to all small domestic pets, so make sure that your cat fence is strong enough to keep these marauders at bay. 

Keep Local Birds Safe

Roaming cats have become a major concern among avian enthusiasts because the destruction they are wreaking on songbird populations. Increasing numbers of native birds are moving into urban and suburban areas because of their diminishing habitat, and these means that they experience an elevated risk of being killed by domestic cats. Free ranging domestic cats don't differentiate between bird species that are on the Endangered Species list and that who aren't, so it's best to keep all birds safe from them. 

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