Things You Want To See When You Shop For A Reptile

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Things You Want To See When You Shop For A Reptile

26 July 2021
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Buying a reptile as a pet is something that can make your entire family excited. You'll have fun researching online to decide what type of reptile you want to buy, whether it's a lizard, a snake, or something else. Visiting a pet store that carries a wide selection of reptiles for sale will allow you to assess your options and make the right choice about what will soon be your pet. It's a good idea to ask an experienced salesperson any questions that come to mind, as the answers may help you to make an informed decision about what to buy. You'll also want to look for these things when you shop.


When you look at different reptiles, it's a good sign when you see that they're active. For example, you might notice a small lizard darting all over its enclosure and even eating insects that a pet store employee has dropped into the enclosure. Depending on its level of curiosity, it may even come over to look at you when you approach the glass wall of its enclosure. A high level of activity can be a solid indicator that the reptile is healthy, which is important to consider when you're shopping for a reptile as a pet.

Clear Eyes

When possible, try to carefully look at a reptile's eyes before you buy it. While the appearance of the eyes can range from reptile to reptile, you want to see a high degree of clarity. Clear eyes are an indicator of a reptile's health. Conversely, if the eyes of a particular reptile appear cloudy to some degree, you probably want to stay away from buying this animal. Don't be afraid to study a reptile extensively during your visit to the store. If you can't initially see its eyes, stay patient and continue to watch until an opportunity presents itself.

Proper Weight

A reptile that appears to have a healthy weight suggests that it's consuming a proper diet and that it's getting enough exercise. The weight will vary from reptile to reptile, but it's useful to do some online research in advance of your shopping trip to determine how the type of reptile that you plan to buy should appear. For example, if you're planning to buy a lizard, you want to see that its sides do not appear to be bloated. Shopping at a reputable pet store is a good way to ensure that any reptile you buy is healthy.