When I took the leap of faith to get my kids their first pet, I was stunned by how difficult it was to teach them proper care techniques. I ended up enrolling them in grooming and care classes through my local pet store. While there, we learned a lot of tips and tricks for taking care of many common household pets. I knew that others could benefit from this information, so I decided to create this site to help. Whether you've had family pets for a while or you're getting ready to buy your kids their first, this site can help you be adequately prepared.

3 Steps To Easing Feather Destructive Behavior In Pet Parrots

15 November 2017
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As a pet parrot parent, of course, you want your bird to be healthy and happy. However, if your parrot has been displaying feather destructive behavior, then you are likely very concerned and wonder why your parrot has suddenly become self-destructive. While feather destructive behavior has many causes, thankfully, you can find and treat the cause of this behavior by following these three steps.  1. Rule out Medical Causes While feather destructive behavior in parrots is often immediately looked at as a psychological problem by bird owners, it is important to know that there are many physical illnesses that can lead to this behavior. Read More …

Animal Handling Gloves Are Essential For Winning A Horse Show

22 October 2017
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Horse shows are a great way to showcase your awesome animals and even win some accolades. Unfortunately, there is a chance you haven't carefully taken care of your horse's coat. Thankfully, animal gloves for grooming can help you avoid this problem and come out a winner. The Horse Coat Is Often The First Item Judged During a horse show, the first thing that is typically judged is the horse's coat. That's because it is the first and most obvious element of its health. Read More …

3 Great Reasons To Have Custom Dog ID Tags Made For Your Dog

8 September 2017
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There are a lot of different things that you can do to ensure that your dog is well cared for. One thing that you should consider doing for your dog is to have custom dog ID tags made for them. There are a lot of great reasons why a custom dog ID tag is an excellent idea and this article will discuss 3 reasons why you should have one made for your dog: Read More …

A Hairy Issue: Is There A Difference Between Service, Therapy, And Comfort Pets?

17 July 2017
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It is not uncommon to see dogs accompanying their owners in public places where pets are usually prohibited, but are these actually service animals? Some things to know about the distinctions between service, therapy, and emotional support (or comfort) pets are: Service animals: Service animals are limited to dogs, though any breed can be certified, and occasionally miniature horses. A service dog performs tasks or services that aid and compensate for the handler's disabilities. Read More …

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Cat Fence

14 July 2017
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If you're like most cat lovers, you want your feline friend to enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Many people believe that because cats roam by nature, they should never be confined strictly to an indoor environment. Keeping them contained in a backyard can be a difficult feat because of their jumping and climbing abilities. Fortunately, you can buy cat fences that will allow your furry friend to go outside without leaving your yard. Read More …